How to Order and Purchase items

While you are browsing our website in the showroom page, you can click on any of the "Add to Cart" buttons to purchase that product. Orders will be placed in your online shopping cart. When you are ready to checkout, click on the "Shopping Cart" link in the top right corner. From there, you can delete or change the quantity of any item in your cart. Next, click the "Checkout" link to be taken to the purchasing form. Fill the blank area with the truth data. If you have any questions, after this point, email us to info@brunnwear.com.

Payment Method

We Accept Paypal for international purchase. Because PayPal is an easy way for you to deliver secure checkout. You can accept credit card payments, eChecks, and PayPal transfers from the millions of people already signed up including us to use PayPal. There is even a service that lets your customers who do not have PayPal accounts pay by credit card through the PayPal server. PayPal is a great payment solution for businesses. It's fast, easy, and secure.

For Indonesian Buyer, we provide Bank Account to purchase the product. They are Bank Negara Indonesia(BNI) and Bank Central Asia(BCA). Account number will be sent to your email after checkout processing so fill the form with the real data.


Local Shipping : We use Pos Indonesia, JNE, or TIKI. Shipping fees are depend on destination and weight/quantity package.

International Shipping : We use FedEx or Pos Indonesia. Shipping fees are depend on destination and weight/quantity package.

Care of Item

• Bucskin and Suede Item Only •

Protect a pair of new suede or buckskin before you wear them with a water-repelling product, you can buy at shoestore or other. It will not only help repel water, but it will help the suede and buckskin resist dirt and stains. Reapply the product after you clean the product. Follow the directions on the water repellent in order to achieve the best results.

Clean dirt off suede item by rubbing a kneadable eraser across it. An emery board will remove stains, according to Good Housekeeping. You can also use a nail file. Rub the stain very lightly so you don't damage the suede and buckskin material.

Dry off wet suede with an absorbent terrycloth towel. Remove as much of the moisture as you can. Then, allow the boots to air dry. Once they are thoroughly dry, fix the flat nap on suede boots by quickly rubbing it back and forth with a toothbrush. You can also use a terry towel to raise the nap.

Store suede item in a dry place away from sunlight. Don't crowd them in a closet or on a boot rack because the material needs to breathe. Moisture can cause them to mildew. Sunlight can fade the color.

• Leather Item Only •

It is important not to use leather cleaner for the first couple of weeks. Instead, use a neutral-pH conditioner to help the dye set. Avoid conditioners that have greasy bases--they won't penetrate under the surface-- and watch out for the label "compound," which indicates that the product is petroleum-based and might darken the leather.

If the leather has mold or mildew, do not use alcohol or bleach solutions--these will severely dry the leather. There are several products that should not be used on household leather, including cleaning sprays, shoe cream, saddle soap or mink oil.

When cleaning leather, use a product that doesn't clog the pores and doesn't build up near stitching. Find out whether the cleaner has a neutral pH, which will keep the structure of the leather intact.

Test the cleaner on a hidden area and make sure to rub lightly--hard rubbing will push the dirt deeper into the leather. If the leather is too dirty or damaged to work on, bring it to a professional leather cleaner, not a dry cleaner. Have matching items cleaned together in case the color is altered.

Leather items not in use should be stored in a dry location with a moderate, consistent temperature. Hanging a bag of desiccant crystals near the leather can help maintain the proper humidity. If the leather is exposed to moisture, make sure to treat it with a product that prevents mold and mildew.

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